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This library includes a selection of the audio and video recordings we have helped to produce over the past two decades. These works focus on the creative task of bringing together social and environmental justice, and building sustainable metropolitan communities.  As a public service to schools, universities and web viewers around the world, these items are available for listening/viewing free of charge and may be included in course curricula. (URLs noted on each page.)

6 Big Wins Coalition for Social Equity — 2013 Interviews

Produced by Paloma Pavel and the Earth House Center Media Team

UC Berkeley Lecture on Sustainability and Social Justice
Produced by Paloma Pavel and the Earth House Center Media Team

Produced by Paloma Pavel for Alameda County Medical Center
This video, produced for the California Department of Health, introduces a “systems” approach toward health improvement.  A narrow emphasis on medical issues only, for example, would not reveal that a lack of grocery stores selling fresh fruits and vegetables in a given neighborhood, will effect the long term health of the residents of that neighborhood. Narrated by Carl Anthony. Produced and directed by Paloma Pavel.
Social Equity and Smart Growth, discussed by citizens, workers, planners and community advocates from the San Francisco Bay Area region, from San Jose to the Napa Valley wine country. (14 min.)
Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company, Oakland, CA.  Teens explore theatre/dance/music/performance as a path toward self-awareness, self-expression, personal empowerment & social change. (14 min.)
Conference video from MOSES ( Metropolitan  Organizing  Strategy  Enabling  Strength). MOSES is a congregation-centered, faith-based community organization reflecting the religious, racial, and ethnic diversity of Metropolitan Detroit.  MOSES congregations cooperate with other congregation-centered community organizations within the Gamaliel Foundation’s nationwide network of advocates for regional revitalization. (29 min.)
A book from the Ford Foundation focusing on the themes of the World Summit for Sustainable Development (held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2002), inspired Earth House to create a video edition.  The initiatives featured exemplify the creative efforts of people and communities worldwide who are developing and implementing working models for a sustainable future. (29 min.)
Communities for a Better Environment assists residents of Richmond, Calif., (and other communities) in their efforts to fight air pollution from a large nearby oil refinery. Their efforts were recognized in a 2002 Ford Foundation report titled, “Sustainable Solutions.”

The Awakening Universe — A Film by Neal Rogin

Earth house Center is pleased to present this guest video, presenting a liberating new cosmology for our time. (15 min.)



A book from the Ford Foundation focusing on the themes of the World Summit for Sustainable Development (held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2002), inspired Earth House to create a video edition. The initiatives featured exemplify the creative efforts of people and communities worldwide who are developing and implementing working models for a sustainable future. (29 min.)


New Village Press announces
Carl Anthony book:
The Earth, the City and the Hidden Narrative of Race

Carl Anthony

In this work, Carl Anthony shares his perspectives as an African-American child in post-World War II Philadelphia; a student and civil rights activist in 1960s Harlem; a traveling student of West African architecture; and an architect, planner, and environmental justice advocate in Berkeley. He contextualizes this within American urbanism and human origins, making profoundly personal both African American and American urban histories as well as planetary origins and environmental issues, to not only bring a new worldview to people of color, but to set forth a truly inclusive vision of our shared planetary future.  read more…

Climate Justice Book
July 2017 — now available in print
and free PDF formats

Climate Justice: Frontline Stories from
Groundbreaking Coalitions in California

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